Cunning man, new bottles and Profiles of American Perfumers in CaFleureBon!

I’m proud to say I’ve been added to the Profiles of American Perfumers at CaFleureBon. It’s quite the honor! Around this time I’ve had another interview with a web site called holy monsters, we’ve had an amazing chocolate, aphrodisiac, and perfume salon, made new label designs, new bottle sizes for wholesale, created new wooden tops for our bottles (which looks so sexy) and I’ve managed to create three new perfumes one of which is being released as of today Cunning man.


Cunning man was inspired by the cunning men of old and design for my good friend and modern cunning man Eric Purdue, translator of Agrippa’s books of the occult sciences.


Author Eric Purdue holding Cunning Man perfume

Our new bottles have turned out amazingly beautiful with hard wood tops that give them the look they need. Also our new sizes (30ml) are perfect for retail shops that wish to buy our perfumes wholesale. We will not be selling the smaller bottles through our site and hope to only offer them through shops.
The House of Orpheus is rapidly growing and the word is out that what we are doing is innovative, inspired and beautiful. Two new perfumes will be launched hopefully this month. Water of Lilit, a black agars wood, civet, and Lilly of the valley perfume is one of those. Water of Lilit is inspired by the mythic figure Lilith and is made with the Ethically obtained authentic Ethiopian Civet produced by Dan Riegler. Another of our new perfumes is Charuto, designed for another good friend Christopher Ashbrook. Charuto is a tobacco scent made for those that work with tobacco within a spiritual context. Each bottle contains a small amount of the wild amazonian jungle tobacco mapacho, a spirit like no other and a part of my own spiritual practice. With notes of cedar and Oud it will certainly be a favorite for those who respect and honor the spirits.


It has been an immensely humbling experience to watch the House of Orpheus grow in such a short period of time and from the response we’ve been receiving it is going to continue to grow at a steady pace. You can expect more quality and enchanting perfumes to be made this year, as well as limited edition special perfumes like our Cyprian perfume that is available via contacting us via special order.
Cyprian has become incredibly popular for those who venerate the incredible folk saint Cyprian, the patron saint of magicians. Based upon a traditional Iberian formula Cyprian is made with the finest boutique distilled frankincense and myrrh oils, combined with the natural oils of rue, Palo Santo extrait and much more. It follows an ancient tradition, and is dedicated to a man who has inspired people for nearly 2000 years.
Finally another of our perfumes to be released shortly is Verum. A classic oud musk, Verum is based upon a formula for a sacred incense used for purification from the True Grimoire inspired by a practioner of those traditions in Seattle Washington.


The House of Orpheus is constantly busy sharing our process, art and updates on our face book site. Be sure to like and save that page so you can learn more about events such as the Perfume, aphrodisiac, and chocolate salon we just held last Friday in Seattle. We had a wonderful time as well as testing and soft launch of our new perfumes. Following us on FB will keep you informed about future events, give always and more.
So far this new year has been wonderful and we hope that our continued growth enriches your lives as well.

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  1. Love the new bottles! Very pleased to see you getting the much deserved exposure, you do top-notch work.


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