House of Orpheus is not like other perfume houses… we make our perfume one bottle at a time. We create our own alchemical oils, spagyrics, distillations, and extraits. This takes more time and adds value to the product you are buying else where. Most perfumes are formulated by a perfumer, sold to someone really good at marketing and then mass produced and bottled. We do not make perfume this way. Most perfume is made completely with extremely cheap scent chemicals, and takes no time to produce (which begs the question, what are you paying for?). We are a hybrid and natural perfume house, using some synthetics and many naturals. If you are wondering why it is taking more than a day for your order to be processed it is because you choose a perfume that has value… and for a perfume to have value it requires time, and to be made of valuable components. Most perfumes value is based on the cost of them to market it to you as being something of high value. We at House of Orpheus do not do this.

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